Dry Mixed Recyclables

The easiest way to save money on your waste disposal costs is to segregate at source. Separating mixed dry recyclables from your general waste is simple to do and significantly reduces the amount of waste destined for landfills. Below is a list of the items which are generally accepted as mixed dry recyclables/ Once separated… Read more »

Food and agri waste Anerobic digesters

We can process food and agri waste using a biological process that produces valuable gas for the energy industry and a clean, pathogen-free fertiliser for crop development.

Road gully and street sweepings

We can offer a total street sweepings recovery service, removing water for treatment, screening out the larger items for processing or recycling and washing the remaining sweepings to produce a clean material for the construction and surfacing industry that is fully compliant with all current legislation.

Sewage Sludge treatment

Irish Waste can provide the complete sewage treatment service. Irish Waste receive sewage sludge, screen any large contaminants and process the sludge through centrifugation this produces a process liquor and a filter cake which can be applied as a fertiliser, returned to the client or disposed of. All sludge recovered can be removed and treated… Read more »

Non-hazardous waste treatment recycling and recovery


All scrap electrical and electronic devices potentially contain contaminants. If you produce or need to dispose of electrical equipment, you are required by law to join the Waste Electricals and Electronic Equipment compliance scheme (WEEE), which is a European Directive in force since 2003 designed to result in the recycling of at least 85% of… Read more »

Production of Process fuel oil

Under the Waste Incineration Directive, Process Fuel Oil has to meet stringent conditions in terms of its provenance and composition. We can manage the production of Process Fuel Oil from your waste and provide full Certification of Analysis by batch of its components and composition.

Thermal drying plant

Our thermal drying plant can deal with a range of waste types. We can reduce the volume of waste by processing it in the plant. The recovered contaminants can be processed and the clean residue can be reused.

Laboratory waste treatment

If your lab waste comprises a variety of different materials, each item could then require a separate disposal option. There is also the issue of security of disposal. We can provide a full service that will mange the analysis, classification, packaging, labelling, transportation and treatment of your waste. To help you comply with the Carriage… Read more »