Oil collection and recycliing

Tanker Hire

Irish Waste Services can provide the removal and transportation of a wide range of bulk waste streams. Some examples of materials transported include acid, alkali, hydrocarbons, chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvent and effluent sludge. To facilitate the CDG/CPL regulations and other legislation surrounding the packaging, identification and transportation of waste, Irish Waste Services has developed specialist software for waste categorisation and label generation. All bulk wastes are transported on ADR specified vehicles with suitably qualified and highly experienced ADR drivers.

Water Cooled Tanker Hire For Ships

The high volumes of liquid and distances the material needs to be pumped can make the removal of liquid bilge waste from ships a difficult process, especially because of the high level of strain on pumps running continuously to cope with the large volumes to be removed. Our tankers have been fitted with water-cooled pumps which allow smooth and continuous running, enabling large volumes of material to be moved in a short time, resulting in a faster, more efficient turnaround time. We also manage all necessary paperwork, including Environment Agency consignment notes and waste reports.

Waste materials collected from site can be transported to our licensed facilities for treatment and recovery of recyclable content. We can collect and process the full range of marine waste oils.

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