• Irish Waste’s operational platform provides for complete documentation from:
  • Individual customer requirements in the form of a customer enquiry to:
  • A Service concept in the form of a quotation to:
  • A job sheet in the form of a service record to:
  • A job specific risk assessment and method statement to:
  • A Duty of care  / Section 62 / Trans frontier shipment of waste notification form to:
  • Waste identification labels to:
  • A weighbridge receipt to:
  • A purchase order / customer service notification request to:
  • A final service invoice.

The final service invoice includes scanned copies of all of the above documents providing our customers with a complete document pack for the service.

All of the above documents are scanned onto Irish Waste’s document management system and filed under:

  • The customer, service date, quote ref, service record ref, consignment ref and invoice number.

These can be retrieved at any future time and forwarded to the customer.

Irish Waste’s new “customer Log in” platform will allow customers to attain and download their own documentation at their convenience.

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