Irish Waste can provide all of their customers with detailed information on the waste volumes they have received and their service costs.

However today’s environmental management systems and environmental compliance demand greater detail.

Irish Waste have in turn developed through their bespoke IT platform customer reporting which will not only provide everything from the initial customer enquiry and quotation to service details to invoice and all of the supporting documents but also a full and complete breakdown of their waste treatment process, how the waste was processed, the volumes and percentages of material recovered and recycled along with the necessary regulatory codes such as EWC, SIC, R&D etc.

imagesCA5J6S4ZThe system also has the flexibility to provide bespoke reporting of data to customers detailing their exact requirements for upload into their own platforms and systems in a seamless manner.

Irish Waste will be rolling out direct access for customers to attain their own reports via our customer log in link.

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