Waste traceability (cradle to grave)

In keeping with our Duty of Care policy and environmental promise Irish Waste place extreme emphasis to ensure that the maximum amount of wastes received at our facility are processed there.

This provides our customers with the comfort and knowledge that their waste’s have been processed and treated and not transferred on to alternate plants and facilities.

This in turn ensures that customer requirements under the Waste Duty of Care regulations have been met and the waste has been delivered to the grave.

In turn Irish Waste place great emphasis on ensuring any waste produced at their treatment facility is recovered, re-used or recycled prior to final disposal.

Final waste disposal facilities used by Irish Waste are rigorously audited to ensure they are licensed and process the wastes in an environmentally safe manner.

Final waste disposal is also included within the scope for our ISO 14001 accreditation.

Irish Waste’s treatment facility retain complete traceability for all waste streams received, processed and disposed of.

unknownThis information including the relevant documentation is available at the touch of a button from our bespoke IT platform.

To ensure that all treatment processes, documentation and disposal outlets are compliant Irish Waste’s directors have decreed that their regulator The Northern Ireland Environment Agency have complete access to all processes and documentation without the requirement for prior visitation or audit notification.

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