Packaged waste Services

Bailed Waste Collection

If you produce large quantities of segregated waste, we can provide a competitive commercial rate for the collection and processing of your pre-baled waste. We deal in the process and recovery of large volumes of recycled materials and can collect and process your segregated waste streams at extremely competitive rates, providing the maximum return on… Read more »

Skip and bin hire

We can provide a wide range different skips and bins to help you manage your waste, from bins and open and closed skips for general waste to containers for higher volumes of bulky waste. Skip and bin options include: high and low sided roll on roll off skips 12 yard open and covered skips 10… Read more »

Confined space & Breathing apparatus entry services

Confined spaces are those with limited openings for entry, unfavourable natural ventilation and are not designed for continuous worker occupancy. The management of maintenance and cleaning services for confined spaces are heavily regulated under the Confined Spaces Regulations (1997) and we are fully compliant and risk-aware. Our personnel are trained in confined space entry, correct… Read more »

Secure industrial shredding services

We can destroy documents, files, video materials, portable media and all other materials totally securely. The safe and secure destruction and disposal of these materials is a specialised operation we have long experience of. We will deal with all your secure shredding needs and ensure that the resulting waste is managed in a safe and… Read more »

CCTV Surveying

A visual inspection using a CCTV camera can quickly find problems, blockages or intrusions in drainage systems. These can include cracked pipes, intruding roots and accumulated matter of any kind. We have wide-ranging CCTV Survey experience and can provide a rapid and reliable service. Our CCTV units is self-supporting, carrying its own power supply and… Read more »

Vehicle wash and silt trap cleaning

When you wash your road vehicles, the solid materials washed down are captured and need to be disposed of properly. They may often contain contaminants that must not be discharged back into the system. We can manage your vehicle and silt traps and treat and recycle the waste products safely and effectively.

interceptor maintenance and cleaning

Interceptors need specialised maintenance to ensure they comply with Consent to Discharge and other environmental regulations. To ensure you don’t fall foul of these regulations, we can manage the removal and treatment of silt, debris, oil and other materials and contaminants inside your interceptor. Regular maintenance decreases the risk of flooding and the potential for… Read more »

Industrial septic tank and cess pool cleaning

Sludge and solids need to be removed regularly from your septic tank and cess pool to keep them operating effectively. We have the equipment, skill and experience to take on the most difficult septic tank and cess pool maintenance operations in terms of access and volume. We will process your waste materials economically and in… Read more »