Commercial Services

Oil spillage clean up

We recognise the need for a fast, 24-hour, 365 day professional emergency response. We have four teams of skilled specialists on rotation to provide a first class emergency spill response and we can deploy Jet Vacs, vacuum tankers and other emergency response units, depending on the nature of the spill. We have a range of… Read more »

Oil collection and recycliing

Tanker Hire Irish Waste Services can provide the removal and transportation of a wide range of bulk waste streams. Some examples of materials transported include acid, alkali, hydrocarbons, chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvent and effluent sludge. To facilitate the CDG/CPL regulations and other legislation surrounding the packaging, identification and transportation of waste, Irish Waste Services has… Read more »

Mobile Dewatering Plants

Our mobile dewatering equipment is a way of dealing with solids suspended in liquids to reduce their volumes by producing dry cakes and water which can go back into your process. Our mobile de-canter units provide a dewatering and stabilising process that safely treats sludges and other organic wastes. The unit can process the sludge… Read more »

Liquid waste removal and transportation

We have long experience of managing liquid waste of all kinds. We operate an extensive fleet of vacuum and road tankers of varying capacities and capabilities, including vacuum tankers with capacities from 2000-7000 gallons. We can remove and transport a wide range of bulk wastes, including acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents and effluent… Read more »

High pressure Sewer jetting

High pressure jetting is a method of cleaning drains, sewers of silt debris and encrustations that is fast and cost-effective. It can also be deployed to clear blockages and cut through root invasions. We will drive a jet nozzle forward through a pipe using water pressure. When the hose is winched back, the outflowing water… Read more »

Pumping station cleaning

Effective and efficient pumping stations are vital to the movement of materials. Poorly maintained pumping stations can lead to blockages, floods or, at worst, a breakdown of the entire system, which can lead to risks to health and environmental damage. Our skilled and highly trained and qualified teams will use state-of-the-art equipment to clean and… Read more »

Lagoon cleaning

We offer a full range of lagoon cleaning services which include the extraction, treatment and disposal of sludge materials. All sludge recovered from the lagoon can be removed and treated on-site using a mobile de-canter unit that provides a de-watering and stabilising process that safely treats sludges and other organic wastes. The unit can process… Read more »

Tank cleaning

We will work with you at all stages to ensure a successful, stringently monitored and controlled solution to your tank and boiler cleaning needs. We can clean, decontaminate and descale tanks of any size, whatever has been stored in them, and have dedicated highly-trained teams for this service. Our personnel are trained in confined space… Read more »