Bespoke treatment services

Battery recycling

We provide a battery recycling service. Batteries are classed as a hazardous waste stream and with our background and expertise in hazardous waste disposal, we are ideally placed to provide a safe, clean and efficient battery disposal process. We collect and transport batteries in full accordance with ADR regulations and all other appropriate legislation. All… Read more »

Transfer station service

Paint waste recovery

We offer a total paint and paint container waste recovery service. Water-based paints are treated so that the water is recovered. The plastic pots are washed, shredded and go on to the plastic recycling process. Solvent-based paints are processed similarly. The paint goes into the alternative fuel process and the metal cans are cleaned and… Read more »

Solvent waste recovery

We can separate the solvent fraction from some wastes in order to recover it for re-use. Our chemists can also blend wastes to specific specifications to provide alternative fuel sources for industrial processes.

precious metals recovery

We can help you recover the value in any precious metals that can be recovered from your waste stream. Our processes will maximise the density of the recovered metals in your waste to help you achieve the highest return from it.

Material Recycling Facility

Our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) allows us to recover any materials from household refuse that have the potential to be recycled. These include cardboard, paper, plastics and metals. We use a number of methods to separate these materials, including manual and automated systems. All recovered materials are segregated by type and then reprocessed. This reduces… Read more »

Haz pack for mixed waste streams

If you don’t produce waste in high volumes, it may not be economical to employ personnel and facilities to deal with your waste streams. We can provide a full service that will mange the analysis, classification, packaging, labelling, transportation and treatment of your waste. To help you comply with the Carriage of Dangerous Goods, Classification,… Read more »

ADR licensed vehicles drivers

All drivers of vehicles of all sizes carrying dangerous materials must hold an ADR licence, which is a European agreement covering the carriage of dangerous goods by road. Our drivers are ADR-licensed and fully qualified to convey dangerous materials by road in our vehicles.